Annual leave is a benefit granted by The Livingston Parish School Board to employees to allow a respite from daily employment  duties as personal, vacation, or recuperative time with pay. Annual leave is not considered an earned contractual right nor the equivalent of earned wages. However, all annual leave earned prior to implementation of this policy  shall be preserved.

Subject to the following paragraph, the following rules shall govern annual leave:

1. Annual leave is granted as a benefit only to twelve-month fill-time employees approved by the Livingston Parish School Board. Leave shall be granted on the following basis:

No. of Years Employed Days Earned
0-6 months 0 days
6 months- 1 year 5 days
1 year- 10 years 10 days
Over 10 years 10 days + 1 day/year
Over 10 years maximum of 20 days

2. For purposes of calculating and apportioning annual leave, the "leave year" shall run from July 31st to June 30th of the following year (the Livingston Parish School Board fiscal year). Annual leave shall be posted or given to the employee on July 1st each fiscal year.

3. Annual Leave shall be granted on a prorated basis to employees who are not employed for the full year.

4. Annual Leave may be carried over from year to year after the employee has used a minimum of ten (10) annual leave days per fiscal year beginning July 1, 2002. Beginning July 1, 2002, the maximum number of annual leave days an employee may use will be the ten (10) mandated days plus up to twenty (20) additional days of accumulated amount unless the employee will use additional days for retirement and/or illness with a letter of resignation or medical excuse on file with the personnel/payroll office requesting additional days of leave.

5. Upon separation from employment, each employee shall be paid the total value of annual leave days that have been carried over unless the employee plans to use these carryover days to extend years of service for retirement. In the event the employee chooses to use carryover days for retirement, a letter of resignation with the anticipated date of retirement must be on file with the personnel office. Employees  the one time payment option for annual leave days that have been accumulated, such payment shall be made within the time allowed by La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 23:631, as that statute may hereafter be amended. In the event of death, payment shall be made to the decedent's duly authorized representative.

Note: The definition of separation from employment shall be: termination (discharge from duty), resignation, death or retirement.

Revised: August, 2001

Revised: January, 2002

Ref: La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 17:81, 23:631; Board minutes, 6-77, 3-85, 7-86, 6-96, 9-20-01.