In the interest of the welfare of all citizens, the Livingston Parish School Board desires to cooperate with law enforcement agencies. At the same time, the Board recognizes that schools have a responsibility to parents for the welfare of students while they are in the care of the school.

In order to accomplish these goals the following plan of action shall be followed:

Procedures for Police on Campus

1. If it is determined that a criminal act on school property has been committed by a student, the appropriate law enforcement agency shall be called by the principal/designee.

2. The responding deputy will come to school, investigate the reported incident, and secure any evidence that may be gathered. If arrest of the student is necessary, it shall be done in the presence of the principal.

3. Initial notification to the parent/guardian of the juvenile's arrest shall be made by a school official. The school official shall instruct the parent where the juvenile has been arrested and taken. The school official shall file a written report with the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance.

4. When law enforcement is called to handle a serious on-campus incident, the school shall relinquish authority to that agency. (Example: bomb threat, riot, violence, etc.)

5. The school site is responsible for its own investigation.

Cooperation with Law Enforcement

1. Students shall be released to law enforcement officers who present a warrant, attachment, or subpoena for a student. Reasonable efforts shall be made to notify the parent/guardian.

2. No student shall be interrogated by any law enforcement agency without the permission of the school administration.

3. Any interrogation of a student shall be conducted in private with a school official present. If the child is a minor (16 or under), the interrogation shall not proceed unless a parent is also present.

Ref: La. Rev. Stat. Ann. 17:81; Board minutes, 8-6-81.