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Access to OneDrive

OneDrive Help

SharePoint Help

O365 Help

Tip Sheet:Recover Files from One Drive

Tip Sheet:Set up SharePoint Alerts for a page

O365 Cheat Sheet- a list of all apps and what they do.

Tip Sheet:OneDriveOverview

Tip Sheet:Creating a file in SharePoint

Tip Sheet:How to Create a Contact List

Video:How to Operate in OneDrive

Tip Sheet:How to Add a Resource In SharePoint

Video:Creating a Contact List

Tip Sheet: How to Link a file from OneDrive

Tip Sheet:How to e-mail a file in SharePoint

Video:Creating an O365 Group

Tip Sheet:Sync SharePoint

Microsoft offers classes on Windows 10 and O365 applicationsHERE!

Tip Sheet:  Customize your Sharepoint Notification Alerts


Surface Pro


Tip Sheet: Connect Your Computer with a Wireless Epson Projector

Video: Customizing your Surface Pen


Tip Sheet: Netspective Web Filter- To Connect Mobile Devices
















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